FOR YOUNG CHILDREN   

                 2 - 7  years   


 Excellent Children's CD's For Parents and Teachers

                                                       By Jill Kemp 

*  Dynamic, imaginative music
    Sound effects appeal to children;
    Not too fast
    Time for actions
    Excellent lyrics
    Good value - at least 40+ minutes each.
    Tried in a class environment.
    Teachers use almost ALL SONGS on each CD.
    Excellent for English Second Language
    Excellent for children with learning difficulties   


*    Songs with a purpose - focused on development using fun action songs.
*   All CDs have actions and word sheets included with disk.
*    FREE ILLUSTRATED SONG BOOK WITH ACTIONS  to  Print  from this website. 
*   Listen to music clips of each song - see individual titles below Index list.  
Fun Action songs + resources for Kindergartens,
Pre-Schools, Music and Movement groups, Parents &Teachers etc. 
Value Series For Early Learning Centres: Free Resources.
* One Page Printable Stories Value Series

C.D.s in Three Categories:

                     1. Fun - Action Songs- Educational  - 2 CD's

                          2. Christmas For Kids (suitable for concerts etc) - 1 CD

                          3. Faith Building - 2 CD's

1. Fun Action Songs - with an educational, developmental focus.

 Not too fast.  Focus on enhancing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, imagination, left and right brain development,
co-ordination, work ethic, self esteem,  perspective, basic math concepts beyond sequential counting,
 pointing 1:1 (a skill foundational to reading and maths) language, rhythm and movement, right and left,
 north and south, role playing, sharing,  and extends vocabulary through songs  using ribbons, instruments,
 lycra, bubbles, bean bags etc.  Children learn to follow instructions, preparing them for school.
Teachers have commented that if they need a song for any given topic the first place they look is in the Lambsongs range of CDs!
There is even a very trendy healthy food song.
Excellent for teaching English second Language and for children with learning difficulties. Sound effects help understanding.


*Teaching Modules -  Songs are arranged by Themes - Print - PDF Sheets

   Music And Fun                                   Merry Go Round
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    A4 Song Book PDF                                                      A4 Song Book PDF 
Front Cover PDF                                                             Front Cover PDF
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Download FREE For Screens or Print & Bind

           Download Song Tracks From Itunes
                      Pirate Song                                                     Down On The Farm
Big Book PDF  Cover Front  Back              Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back
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                        Gentle Hands                                             Turtles Earthquake safety

Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back          Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back   

2. Christmas For Kids
   Celebrate the traditional Christmas story with young children.
   With modernised wording of traditional Carols to make more sense for today's child
   i.e. "Away in a manger in a bed made of hay." 
   Songs for Angels & Wise men and Shepherds. 
   Songs written to melodies most people are familiar with - Little Donkey song to "Five  Little Ducks" etc. 
*A beautiful song  about Mary and baby Jesus to Brahms's lullaby.
   This song suitable for BABY DEDICATIONS  or a CHILD'S FUNERAL. .
   Richard Gunther, generously donated his time to illustrate songs and the booklets. 
BOOKS FREE to print & COPYRIGHT FREE from this site.   

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A4 Song Book PDF

Front Cover PDF 

Christmas For Kids    To Listen      *Free booklet downloads


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3. Faith building through fun action songs.

     Excellent for Pre - school Church, Christian Early Childhood Educators and parents. 
     Bible story concepts to build FAITH FOR LIFE in young children through fun, ACTION SONGS with SOUND EFFECTS.
     Particular attention has been given to ensure lyrics can be understood by today's child.
     Many of the songs have a familiar melody for ease of teaching.
     Children love these songs!  


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Front Cover PDF

    Noah's Ark 2nd Edition - Contains Three extra songs. To Listen
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        A4 Song Book PDF

Front Cover PDF

Crocodile On The River Nile     To Listen
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                                  Summer Songs       Butterfly Blue
                                                             $15.00                            $15.00                


 Children love   "The Little Red Car Song" Summer Songs
Summer Songs & Butterfly Blue By Wendy Webster 
  Love My Bible Series
Free Printable Bible Books

In A4 Landscape Big Books & Small Booklets, colour & Black And White.

Graphics donated by Richard Gunther (Copyright Free)

  Jill's Amazing Story

Read Online or Download

Download free Publisher  PDF
                 Cover Publisher  PDF


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* One Page Printable Bible Stories New Testament
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* One Page Printable Stories Value Series





*   Small Picture Bible For Preschoolers 

*    Large Interactive Bible Props For Preschoolers

*    Large Interactive Easter Bible Props For Preschoolers

*   Bible Story Related Activities To Print Free


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*  Pearls Of Wisdom For The Bewildered Male & His Mate 
   * This  book of one liners is also a useful hand out for Councillors,
          Pastors etc.- takes the stress from the problem and gets couples communicating. 
          Print FREE.


*  Father's Day / Mother's day Craft
*  Hospital Booklet - to inspire Kids With Cancer or facing serious illness. 
*   Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Booklet: By Jill Kemp


Caterpillar's Surprise Song
Caterpillar's Surprise Book
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