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          By Richard Gunther
           * Note that any pictures from the books can be captured and used as flash cards for example. 
              There is NO copyright restrictions on these graphics donated by Richard Gunther. .
          *  Finger Puppet Ideas: use on ice block sticks. 
              Or enlarge, print cut out, laminate, punch hole in head, thread characters onto key ring or tie with wool etc.
              I used the Loaves & Fishes Characters successfully this way and gave several
              smaller copies of a few characters as take home activity for kids. 
              It helps them to remember the story. (Click on each one to open or print page)

* NOTE: For those in culture sensitive countries there is a woman with head covering option.






                                                                                                                                                                          Boy Happy                      Boy Sad


                                                                                                                                                                              Boy on Bible


           Mary & Donkey                           Boy Face 1                        Boy Face 2                       Boy Prays


                                                                                                          Sorry no room           Inn door                   


        Inn keeper points                              No room                         Zacchaeus                    Asian Boy                              Asian Girl


 Boy modern                              Girl modern                                Cow                          Bible & Universe                            Face Girl


            Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh                                                    Gold                                                         Face


                    Palm Sunday Donkey                                  Angel B&W                            Angel Col                              Boy & Bible


           Palm Coloured                   Palm B & W                                            Palm with verse                                       


          Children Of The World Col                            Children Of The World B&W                                        Envelope Folding


                Coats or Tunics                                       Coats or Tunics                                   Josephs Coat                               


                       Jesus Graphics                                                        Bees Colour                       Bees Black & White


              Girls Face 1                        Girls face 2                    Flower Smile         Jesus & Children of the world     Jesus & Children of the world


       Jesus,Bible & Children               Jesus,Bible & Children B&W                 Jesus,Bible & Children                         Jesus reaching out


            Garden Wall                                Garden Wall                          Zacchaeus                Zacchaeus                    Zacchaeus


           Zacchaeus                                 Zacchaeus                                    Zacchaeus                                            Zacchaeus


    Zacchaeus                         Zacchaeus                                          Zacchaeus                          Armour Man                 Armour Man            Jesus Loves Me 


                  Weapons Man & Armour                           Weapons Man & Armour                                                                            Angels Cute


                                                                      Angels Cute                                                                          Bible & Universe   




                                                  Angel & Shepherds                                                                                                                                  


            Reading Bible                              Bird in nest                                                                       Children Praying                                   


                              Christmas Star                                                                                                     Cutesy Kids  


                                          Mary & Joseph                                                          Dove                                                    Easter Kids


            Following Jesus                                           Girl with flowers                                    Glove Hand                                     Goat


                 Goat                                 Grandma                       Glove                         Praying hands                         Heart                                Herod


                                     Boy & Book                                                       Holding Hands                                          Jesus Loves Kids


                    Reaching Out                                                              Mary & Joseph                                                       Joseph cute


                       Joseph                                         Children Singing                                                               Manger Scene



                                  Sheep                                                                      Manger                                          Reading Bible B&W                   Shepherd


                                                Shepherds                                                                     Cute Shepherd with lamb                                Shepherd Group


        Shepherd Group                      Kids Singing                     Stable for stickers                                            Stable Scene  


         Star                                                                                       Wisemen on camels


                                                                               Wisemen                                                                                Zacchaeus & Jesus


   Zacchaeus Head                   Daisy           Daisy for Iceblock stick  Rose for Iceblock stick           Rose                  Rose Pocket               


                                             Boy Jesus And Teachers                                                                            Mary And Joseph


                    He Is Alive                                       Following Jesus                                Boy And Book                            He Is Risen                    Jewellery Box


                                                 John The Baptist                                                           Knocking On Door                                   Necklace


            Click to open and enlarge each picture

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