Activities To Use With Bible Stories

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Armour of God - Armour 1 col   Armour 2 B&W

New Testament Stories:  


  Fishing with Peter 1      


Nativity scene A4 postable col      Nativity scene A4 postable b&w        Nativity Matchbox col         Nativity Matchbox b&w                             


                Tomb empty folding                                              Tomb empty folding b&w


       Jonah open mouth fish                              Jonah fish ativity


           God always keeps His Promises                                    Jesus Baptised Activity Colour                                          Fold & Staple


                Jesus Baptised Activity Black & White                                                         Dove


          Jesus Baptised Part 1                                    John in River Part 2                     Moses & The 10 Plagues Activity Wheel Col  B&W


                                               Peter Walks On The Water x 3  

                                 Jesus The Good Shepherd Verse Wheel Col                                             Jesus The Good Shepherd Verse Wheel B&W