Christmas for Kids

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Word Sheets with actions
are available for free downloads.

Instructions to make a star that moves across the stage:

1. Screw opposing curtain EYES into Scotia or beams in ceiling .
2. Tie clear fishing line tightly between the eyes.
3. Loop a string OVER the fishing line,
attaching star so it can run freely along line.
4. Bring star to end the Wise Men start from. 
5. Have strong dark reel of cotton in a small jar
(keeps from rolling everywhere.)
6. Thread cotton THROUGH EYE other end from star.
7. Run thread along fishing line to star & tie on the loop.
8. Pull cotton slowly from opposite end.
9. Star can be 'run back' along line for a replay.
10. Shining a light on star adds effect - the children are mesmerized!


1.    Come On Ring Those Bells -
Andrew Culverwell 1962. AMCOS                  
(Unable to display due to copyright)
2.    Play Our Jingle Bells - Jill Kemp                                                                  
   Word Sheets   PDF
Use with bells. 
3.    Clean The Stable - Jill Kemp                                                                         
    Word Sheets   PDF
4.    Little Donkey - Jill Kemp                                                                               
     Word Sheets   PDF
5.    Knockity Knock - Jill Kemp                                                                            
    Word Sheets   PDF  
6.    Away In A Manger - For Today - Jill Kemp                                                     
   Word Sheets   PDF
7.    Mary Had A Baby Boy -
By Permission of mainly music Inc.  by Jill Kemp     
    Word Sheets   PDF
8.    Mary's Lullaby - Jill Kemp                                                                              
    Word Sheets   PDF
9.   Baa Baa - Jill Kemp                                                                                        
     Word Sheets   PDF 
10. Mary's Song - Jesus Loves Me -
Annie B. Warner 1859 - Words Jill Kemp      
    Word Sheets   PDF
11. Shepherds Rhyme - Jill Kemp                                                                        
     Word Sheets   PDF
12. I Am A Little Shepherd Boy - Jill Kemp                                                          
     Word Sheets   PDF
13. Joy To The World - For Today - Jill Kemp                                                     
     Word Sheets   PDF
14. Angels We Have Heard On High -
For Today - Jill Kemp                               
     Word Sheets   PDF
15. Angels Sing - Jill Kemp                                                                                  
     Word Sheets   PDF
16. Twinkle Star Wise Men - Jill Kemp                                                                
    Word Sheets   PDF
17, See The Wise Men Follow The Star - Jill Kemp                                             
    Word Sheets   PDF
18. What Can I Give Him - Christina G. Rossetti.
2nd & 3rd Verses - Jill Kemp  
    Word Sheets   PDF
19. Christmas Makes Me Happy - Jill Kemp                                                          
   Word Sheets   PDF
20. Six Amazing Christmas Candles -
Wendy Webster 2005 - By permission                                                                                                                     
   Word Sheets   PDF
21. The Five Days Of Christmas -
Shalom Kindergarten - By permission
    Word Sheets   PDF
22. Christmas Bells (Snoopy) - L. Peretti and H. Weiss.
(Unable to display due to copyright)
23. Happy Birthday Jesus - Traditional                                                       
   Word Sheets   PDF
24. Feliz Navidad Made Easy - Jose Feliciano -
 Translated AMCOS 
           (Unable todisplay due to copyright)             
Words and Actions Sheet inside Cover