Merry Go Round

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                   Merry Go Round.
Merry Go Round Song Book.
A4 Song Book PDF

Front Cover PDF

By Jill Kemp. 40 minutes. 2 - 7 years. 
Making learning fun using interesting music with clear lyrics.
Not too fast for young children to sing to. 
These songs focus on enhancing fine motor skills, imagination, spatial awareness,
lateral thinking, co-ordination and basic maths concepts beyond  sequential counting.
Children learn through music and these songs work well in small or large groups. 
Some 'boy' songs!  The sound effects and professional engineering, by Steve Wiggins,
are exceptional and appealing to children. 
Setting a new benchmark in children's music. Fun music with a purpose.

                        Parents, Early Childhood Educators and Junior Primary age.

Word Sheets with actions are avalible for free downloads.

                                                                                    click on earphones for music clip.

1. Carnival Rides - Jill Kemp. Circles - ribbons - movement.                                          Word Sheet 
     Imagine  riding your horse on a Merry go round - hold hands with your partner. 
     Role playing  a carnival. Extending vocabulary. 
     What is it like at a carnival - rides to go on. 
     Smells - things to eat - popcorn  &  ice-cream are in the chorus.
     Children pretend to hold the pole of their horse - could make some or use a  
     pole with ribbons .
     Hold partners hand and go up and down. Roller coaster they form a line or
     just with their partner and move around and up and down.
     Octopus ride arms up and down and turn around. 
     Extends imagination and vocabulary. Could be great in a production.
2. Going Surfing - Jill Kemp. Actions to a beat.                                                              Word Sheet
    Water safety groups encourage young children to use flippers with bogie boards. 
     Children imagine  they are surfing. Move continually to this great beat - almost like a dance.
3. Come To Our B.B.Q. Counting backwards and dance.                                                 Word Sheet   
     Simple subtraction concept taking away more than one -
     Dad had two! Dancing between verses.                      
4. Lets Go Fishing - Jill Kemp. Fun action counting.                                                        Word Sheet
     Have class make fish and chip parcel in newspaper. Clap Chorus.
     Bob in boat -sitting song.
     Language - discuss fishing - what you need, what would use use for bait etc.  
     where you  can fish - rocks, beach, wharf, boat, creek  etc. Safety issues.
     Cooking fish - how? Healthy eating. 
5. Excavator - Traditional.                                                                                               Word Sheet
    * A favourite with boys!
6.. Picnic With Teddy - Jill Kemp.                                                                                      Word Sheet
       * Skipping - some children find this difficult - hop twice on one foot - 
      hop twice on the other foot - you CAN skip! .
      Teddy Bear Picnic. Tall and short, fat and thin, growls and squeaks etc.
      Language and basic counting. Imagination - make a picnic -
      what sort of things can we take to eat - where will be go -
      what will we need to take and don't forget teddy.
      Its is a birthday party picnic we will need a birthday cake with 4 candles.
                                             Cake with 4 Candles - Right Click to Save
7. Hula With Me - Jill Kemp.                                                                                               Word Sheet
     *Fun action & Dance. Musical Instruments. Children take various parts -
      clicking fingers, strum ukulele, wait for shakers, hula.
      Left and right. Vocabulary extension - ocean etc.  

Chords for Ukulele PDF  

8. One Day A Hand Went Walking - Peter Carlton & Paul Read. AMCOS.                                       
(Unable to display due to copyright)
    *Hands behind back - one hand "walks" out at a time.
     Use glove with eyes just above middle finger.
                                                                    Glove - Right Click to Save 
9. Donuts - Jill Kemp.                                                                                                        Word Sheet
     * Days of the week.  Circles - half of two is one - sharing. Clip art pictures available. 
10. Throwing and Catching - Jill Kemp.                                                                               Word Sheet
      With partner - bean bags, balls, socks whatever! 
11. Draw On My Back - Jill Kemp.                                                                                  
     Word Sheet
      * Shapes - imagination.  Model  shapes on paper or white board first, then draw in the air.  
        Older children sit  need partner and sit - young ones lie down and parent draws. 
         Children can  draw  the picture from their imagination to paper. 
12. Flat Tyre - Jill Kemp. Screwing action - fine motor skills.                                              Word Sheet
        Sit down and "bump", screwing and un-screwing and jacking up -timing for "toots".
13. Wind The Bobbin Up - Traditional.                                                                                Word Sheet
        *Using  left and right brain and motor skills
14. Underneath - Jill Kemp. Not too fast.                                                                           
Word Sheet
      *Can be used with scarves, lycra, parachute etc.
15. Sockathon - Jill Kemp.                                                                                                 Word Sheet
        Teaching children the skill of looking for something!  
         Fun to hide socks in class as per song and have washing basket etc.
         Strategy to find things where can we look?
        .Draw  matching  socks. Making pairs . Imagination - lateral  thinking what is an odd pair -
         other sorts non matching pairs: bucket and spade, knife and fork
16. Every Day Of The Week - Jill Kemp. Days of the week.                                               Word Sheet
       Days of the week. Attitude - choosing to have a happy face every day -
       extending vocabulary - introducing  weekend.  
17. Spots And Dots - Jill Kemp.                       .                                                                 Word Sheet
        *Fun action song using spots and dots, stripes and lines.
18. Put On Your Glasses - Graeme Perkins. Used by permission.                                        Word Sheet
        *Fun action song.
19. Cell phone Numbers - Jill Kemp. Counting to 10 - forwards and backwards.                  Word Sheet
Cell phone courtesy. Children can make a cell phone learn own numbers. 
20. Off To The Moon - Jill Kemp. Fun action. Counting backwards.                                    Word Sheet
        * Teaching perspective: Imagine you're in a spaceship -hear,  feel etc.  Sit on picture of earth - hold 
           up picture of moon - what do you see in the sky?  Whoosh to moon - reverse pictures.
        *  Ideas to discuss - where we live-  earth, world, space etc.
           Lie down close your eyes and imagine you are going to the moon - how will you get there;
           what will you wear; what colour is your space ship; what can you hear?
           We have arrived on the moon - sit on the moon picture- hold up the  earth picture: 
           what can you see.
When you sit on the moon - the earth! 
It gives an amazing experience of perspective. They can then do the song with  floating moon jumps etc.
The sound effects on this song are amazing with incredible engineering. Extends vocabulary too.
Teacher can show how the moon changes shape by passing earth in front of a round moon. 

            Moon Picture - right click to save     Earth Picture - right to save 
21. Healthy Food - Jill Kemp.                                                                                            Word Sheet

         * Trendy music children will love and fun lyrics to encourage and inspire healthy eating. Music for modern dance moves.

22. Kiwi Bird - Helen Willberg. Used by permission.                                                              Word Sheet