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Noahs Ark:  Publisher  By Jill Kemp, Drawings by Richard Gunther.    

Publisher Booklet Download    Cover  

Noahs Ark:  PDF      Booklet     Cover  

God Made The Sunshine: Publisher Therese Goodwin. Used by permission. 
Publisher Booklet Download    Cover


God Made The Sunshine:  PDF   Booklet  Cover

Easter Rhyme Colouring Booklet: Publisher     Jill Kemp.    

Publisher Booklet download     Cover

Easter Rhyme Colouring Booklet:  PDF  Booklet   Cover

 The Birds Up In The Tree Top:  Publisher   Words Adapted by Jill Kemp,
 Publisher Booklet Download     Cover  
 The Birds Up In The Tree Top:  PDF   Booklet   Cover
 Jesus Has A Precious Lamb: Publisher  Jill Kemp.
 Publisher Booklet Download    Cover
 Jesus Has A Precious Lamb: PDF   Booklet   Cover                                                                                         
 Who Is The King Of The Jungle: Publisher  Annie Spears.
Used by permission.  Drawings by Richard Gunther.


Publisher Booklet Download   Cover 


Who Is The King Of The Jungle:  PDF  Booklet   Cover




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