Songs By Wendy Webster

Summer Songs & Butterfly Blue

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Summer Songs

Action Songs:                                    
1. Little Red Car                                     Listen
2. Kiwi Kids                                             Listen
3. The Big Blue Ocean                           Listen
4. Mikaela's lullaby                                Listen
5. Fives Loaves Of Bread                      Listen
6. Round Like A Circle                         Listen
7. Seven Little Crabs                            Listen
8. Mr Frog                                            Listen
9. Angel Wings                                     Listen
10. I'm Not A Spy                                 Listen
11. Sing A Song Of Summer                 Listen  
12. Exploring Rap                                  Listen
13. Exploring Rap Music                       Listen  
14. Spy Music                                        Listen  
15. Dragonfly Green                             Listen

Butterfly Blue

1. In The Sea                                        Listen
2. I'm Popcorn                                      Listen
3. The Breadcrumb Medley                  Listen
4. Wonderful Things                            Listen
5. We Love You Jesus                          Listen
6. God Made Everything                      Listen
7. I Can Talk To God                            Listen
8. Mikaela's Lullaby                             Listen
9. I Can Use Words                              Listen
10. The Caterpillars Song                    Listen
11. Butterfly Blue                                Listen
12. Butterfly Friends                           Listen
13. At Christmas Time                         Listen                                               
14. Christmas Night                             Listen
15. Christmas Night - Instrumental     Listen
16. Precious Star - English,
Maori & Samoan                                Listen  
17. Precious Star - Instrumental        Listen   
18. The Easter Rhyme                        Listen
19. I'm A Hot Cross Bun                      Listen
20. Hot Cross Bun's                            Listen