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Butterfly Friend Col:            Publisher PDF
Butterfly Friend Col Cover:  Publisher PDF


No 6 Fuzzy Caterpillar on
Crocodile On The River Nile CD
Caterpillar's Surprise Col:            Publisher                                
Caterpillar's Surprise Cover Col:  Publisher
Caterpillar's Surprise b&w            Publisher
Caterpillar's Surprise b&w Cover: Publisher
Caterpillar's Surprise Col:  PDF     Booklet  Cover
Caterpillar's Surprise b&w  PDF     Booklet  Cover
*Big Book
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 Col cover:           Download                                             
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 Col Back cover:   Download                                             
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 Col Big Book:       Download
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 b&w cover:         Download                                            
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 b&w Back cover: Download                                           
Caterpillar's Surprise A4 b&w Big Book:     Download                                       
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Col:             Publisher
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Cover Col:   Publisher
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle b&w             Publisher
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle b&w Cover: Publisher
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Col: PDF      Booklet  Cover
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle b&w  PDF    Booklet   Cover
       Butterfly Blue
         Butterfly Silver
                Butterfly b&w                                                       
Monarch Caterpillar
 Butterfly & Caterpillar
 Chrysalis & Butterfly
  Egg & Chrysalis