Crocodile On The River Nile

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Song Book A4

A4 Song Book PDF
Front Cover PDF
Back Cover PDF
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1. Body Song - By Annie Spiers. Used with permission                                             Word Sheet   PDF


2. Stomp Goes Goliath - By Jill Kemp                                                                          Word Sheet  PDF
3. I Like To Pray - Alex MacDougall  Amcos                                                            Word Sheet   PDF
4. Joseph And Noah The Happy Builders - By Jill Kemp                                             Word Sheet  PDF


5. Jump And Hop - By Karyn F Henley Amcos                                                         Word Sheet  PDF


6. Fuzzy Caterpillar - Unknown                                                                                   Word Sheet   PDF

7. Baby Moses On The River Nile - By Jill Kemp                                                         Word Sheet   PDF 

8. Jesus Loves The Little Ones - S Cox & H Loes   Amcos                                       Word Sheet  PDF


9. God Made Everything - By Wendy Webster. Used with permission                       Word Sheet  PDF


10. Butterfly Friends. - By Wendy Webster. Used with permission                          Word Sheet  PDF

11. Joseph's Coat - By Jill Kemp                                                                                  Word Sheet  PDF

12. Mikaela's Lullaby - Wendy Webster - Used with permission                                Word Sheet  PDF

13. The Easter Rhyme - Wendy Webster - Used with permission                                  Word Sheet  PDF

14. Hot Cross Buns. - Wendy Webster - Used with permission                                    Word Sheet   PDF

15. Zacchaeus Climbs A Tree - By Jill Kemp                                                                Word Sheet  PDF

16. Zacchaeus Action Rhyme - By Jill Kemp                                                                Word Sheet  PDF

17. Greedy Monkey - By Jill Kemp                                                                               Word Sheet  PDF

18. Gentle Hands - By Jill Kemp                                                                                   Word Sheet   PDF

19. John The Baptist Finds Honey - Adapted - Traditional Rhyme By Jill Kemp        Word Sheet   PDF

20. Wonderful Things - Wendy Webster - Used with permission                                Word Sheet   PDF 

21. Precious Star with Te Reo Maori - Adapted by Gwen Binns                                  Word Sheet  PDF

22. David The Shepherd Boy - By Jill Kemp                                                                 Word Sheet   PDF

23. Walk Away Rap (Good Choices) - Courtesy of Shalom Kindergarten                    Word Sheet  PDF



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