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A4 Song Book PDF Download

Front Cover PDF Download

This CD aims to develop young children through fun with music
and to facilitate teachers and parents.
Songs using Ribbons,
Lycra, Instruments, Bubbles, Bean Bags,
Counting, Math Concepts, Movement,
Left and Right Brain Development,
Co-ordination and Role Play.
It encourages "letting go", sharing, self esteem,
work ethic and pointing one to one,
(a developmental skill foundational to reading and maths.)
Children learn to follow instructions,
 skill foundational to reading and maths.)
Children learn to follow instructions
while developing a love for music and movement. 
Most songs are original. 
Thanks to Helen Willberg for generously donating
"My Lovely Lycra" to this CD.
Not too fast - with lyrics children can hear and relate to.
Most songs have actions.
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Download Song Tracks From Itunes
Song on I-tunes
Pirate Song -
  Beginning Only
Big Book PDF  Cover Front  Back 
 Song on I-tunes
Down On The Farm 
Beginning Only
Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back 
 Gentle Hands     
Beginning Only
Song on I-tunes Track 18
Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back   
Song on I-tunes
Turtles Earthquake Safety   

  Beginning Only

Big Book PDF  Cover  Front  Back   

Verses: 1. When the ground begins to wobble and shake...
Chorus: Turtles go like this, Drop Cover Hold!
            2. Get under a table and hold on tight ...
            3. Hunch my back and cover my head ...
            4. When things on the shelf come tumbling down...
            5. We all work together and tidy up....
            6. " I was a turtle in my bed last night." ....
Word Sheets available for free downloads.
click on earphones for music clip,
Beginnings only.
1.   Choppa Choppa Helicopter - Jill Kemp                          
  Word Sheet                                                                                                    
2.   Ribbon Song - Jill Kemp                                               
  Word Sheet                                                                                     
3.   Digger Driver - Jill Kemp                                             
   Word Sheet 
4.   Noah's Ark - Jill Kemp                                                  
   Word Sheet 
5.   Photo of You - Jill Kemp                                            
   Word Sheet 
6.   Throwing and catching - Jill Kemp                                
   Word Sheet 
7.   Five Sticky lollypops - Unknown                                           
   Word Sheet 
8.   Five Drippy Ice blocks - Unknown                                         
   Word Sheet 
9.   Steam Train Ride - Jill Kemp                                        
   Word Sheet 
10. Stomping in Puddles - Jill Kemp                                   
   Word Sheet 
11. Twinkle Sing and Play - Traditional                                     
   Word Sheet 
12. Blowing Bubbles Rhythm - Jill Kemp                            
   Word Sheet                                                                                   
13. I Can Count Backwards - Jill Kemp                              
    Word Sheet 
14. Johnny Finger Rhyme - Traditional 
   Word Sheet  
15. Greedy Monkey - Jill Kemp
  Word Sheet  
16. Three Little Firemen - Jill Kemp
  Word Sheet 
17. Me and My Truck - Jill Kemp
  Word Sheet
18. Our Lovely Lycra - Helen Willberg 1992
  Word Sheet
used by permission
19. Jungle Dance - Free Dance Music
20. Boogie - Free Dance Music
21. Good Morning To You - Traditional
  Word Sheet
22. Happy Birthday to You - Music