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Song Book A4
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Action Songs to build faith for life    
        in young children and to facilitate parents and teachers.

Word Sheets with actions are avalible for free downloads.

click on earphones for music clip.

1.   Noah's Ark - Jill Kemp. 2006                                                                        (Word sheet)         
2.   God Made The Sunshine - Therese Goodwin. Used by permission.                 (Word sheet)
3.   The Birds Up In The Tree Tops - Unknown, Adapted by Jill Kemp.                 (Word sheet)
4.   Everywhere - Cathy Spurr & Debbie McNeil.   AMCOS                            (Unable to display due to copyright)
5.   Butterfly Song - Brian Howard.   AMCOS                                                (Unable to display due to copyright)
6.   Precious Lamb - Jill Kemp 2006                                                                  (Word sheet) 
7.   Who Is The King Of The Jungle - Annie Spears. Used by permission             (Word sheet)
8.   Jesus Loves Me This I Know - Anna Bartlett Warner.  1859.                          (Word sheet)
9.   Two Little Fish Five Loaves Of Bread - Jill Kemp 2006                                  (Word sheet)
10. Fishing With Peter (Drama Song) - Jill Kemp2006                                         (Word sheet)
11. Smelly In The Belly Of A Whale - Jill Kemp 2006                                             (Word sheet)
12. J.O.Y. - Unknown. Adapted by Jill Kemp.                                                      (Word sheet)
13. Easter Rhyme (Finger Play) - Jill Kemp 2006                                                   (Word sheet)
14. Happy Easter - Coral Hodgins. Used by permission                                          (Word sheet)
15. Make Me like A Tree - Nigel Cato 2001. Used by permission.                            (Word sheet)
16. My Little Heart - Cathy Spurr & Debbie McNeil.   AMCOS                (Unable to display due to copyright)
17. In My house - (Finger Play) - Unknown Adapted by Jill Kemp 2006                 (Word sheet)
18. I Live Inside My Body - Jill Kemp. 2006                                                       (Word sheet)
19. When I Am Afraid - Jill Kemp 2006.                                                            (Word sheet)
20. I Can See - Jill Kemp. 2006.                                                                       (Word sheet)
21. Thumb song - Unknown.                                                                            (Word sheet)
22. God Loves All Of Us - Jill Kemp. 2006.                                                        (Word sheet)
23. Ten Wiggly Squiggly Fingers (Echo Rhyme) - Jill Kemp.                              (Word sheet)
24. Caterpillars Surprise                                                                                 (Word sheet)
25. Crocodile on the river Nile                                                                          (Word sheet)  
26. Daniel In The Lion's den - Unknown, Adapted by Jill Kemp.                         (Word sheet)                                                                   
27. The Storm - (Drama Rhyme) - Jill Kemp.                                                  (Word sheet)
28. Christmas Rap                                                                                         (Word sheet)                                                                                                                        
                                                               Words and Actions Sheet inside Cover
                                                             Produced by Bob & Jill Kemp New Zealand.

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Jonah Finger Play
                                Told by Peggy Phillips       
words download


Fuzzy Caterpiller Surprise
                                  Sung by Michal Johnson    
words download